Design Trends for 2023

We often wonder, has it all been done? Is there anything really new out there? Trends continue to arrive year by year, and despite all the hurdles we faced in 2022 I hope we can still break into a new year full of design inspiration. I’ve picked a few new trends I’m going to be getting into for 2023. Some are second time around, or even third, and that’s ok, as with each reinvention comes a slight twist, a new generation’s take on an old idea. Here’s hoping we can bring some of these ideas into our projects for the coming year.


I sincerely hope these guys make it into all of your homes in 2023. They’ve been creeping in for a while but perhaps haven’t had their moment of glory yet. 2021 and 2022 saw many arched and curved furniture design pieces, PINCH and ANTHROPOLOGIE amongst others had some standout items. Now it’s time to put this look into practice with doorways, built in shelving and nooks. We have a couple on the burn, and can’t wait to share later in the year.

Hi-Gloss Paint Finish

Ever since doing a couple of shoots in Scotland in 2021, and seeing this finish in some inspiring commercial spaces, I honestly thought hi-gloss would have its moment in 2022. Against my painters advice I’ve tried to specify it for a couple of homes but have yet to actually do it. If not in a clients house, then most definitely in my own. I’m not saying go hi – gloss everywhere, but a little bit of a good thing, goes a very long way.

Wall Lights as Art Pieces

Oh this is a must for me. I’ve already installed some into a home in London and plan to do so this year in New York. In the right moment, and with the right amount space around it, a wall light can be its very own showstopper. It doesn’t need to be a wallflower or a shrinking violet, it can speak for itself and need no other art pieces around it to finish off a wall, hallway.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is a concept used within the design industry to increase connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct nature, space and place conditions. It’s basically bringing nature in.. for us laymen. And I’m all for it. I love the use of mixed materials, and feel we are most at peace when surrounded with natural materials, textures and objects, to create a sense of calm and wellbeing. Bring on the plants for 2023.

Colours from Nature

This is subject which has been forever close to my heart and is very much a part of my design process. When putting together schemes I like to pull from nature, pebbles from a beach, leaves, wood.. all these colours can guide you into a harmonious interior scheme for your home. I keep a lovely tray of beach pebbles on my desk at all times… in order to start a new neutrals scheme I simply pull from the tray and start to play around with them.

Fluted Concrete … fluted everything…

As a team, we are lucky enough to be able to visit Maison et Object twice a year in Paris. It’s a feast of inspiration, not only at the show but all over the city. In September we discovered the most incredible fluted concrete wall panels and were all smitten. I love a fluted finish, but these were something else. Panbeton blew us away. Fluted finishes can also be added in wood or painted MDF. They add a beautiful design element not only to wall and door finishes but also cabinetry. Watch out for more of this….

This month we are back in Paris for more Maison et Objet.. with hopefully more brand new mind blowing design ideas.

Until then.. be well, be bold.. and don’t hold back.


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