I’ve been lucky enough to live in many places throughout my life. . . and I have always been moved with the notion of making each one my own. Putting my mark on it.

In my experience, it takes many years to create a home; to add the layers, the memories, nights with friends around the dining table, festivities with family, births, deaths, new jobs, old jobs. After trips; adding curios and art as we grow and learn about who we are and what we love.  I have come to a conclusion, after many nomadic years, that wherever I live, it takes me at least twelve months to feel at home there. It’s not always about spending all the money up front and ‘just getting it all done’. It’s about taking time, working with your belongings, environment and surroundings to create your own unique, blissful haven. Letting the home speak to you. Discovering new nooks and crannies each month. Keep on adding even after the designer is long gone. . .

I remember when I first moved to NYC and was decorating the first home in which we lived; in Brooklyn. My husband asked, when is it all going to be done? Never; I replied. I will never be done.

Twelve Months A Home came from this very idea. Taking time with design. Do it slowly, make fewer mistakes. Create your perfect home, for you.

Emily Rickard. Stylist|Designer|Writer @emilyrickardstylist

To contact me regarding styling, design or just for a chat   – emily@emily-rickard.com




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