Pimp Your Rental. Colour blocking radiators…

A simple way to create a feature pop of colour, regardless of the space. 

Handy for a renter or a homeowner who, like me, is not ready to rip out all the radiators and replace them with beautiful column ones.  This design tip adds a clever and easy pop of colour.

Slightly chipped and tired old white standard radiators can be very uninspiring to look at in any home. This, I know.  They should be embraced in the best way they can, rather than just calmly residing on the sideline, occasionally drying knickers and socks in the winter. I approached this idea in my own home, the same way I showcased the dark green tile in our family bathroom.

Challenge – to make each radiator I’d grown so tired of looking at a feature piece. Tying the colour choices into the theme of each room, rather than actually matching them to the wall or floor, gives them a high end and clean look.  And the results are glorious.

I decided, much to my husband’s initial dismay, to add pink in the living room.  The current pink to neutral  ratio he is enduring is already pretty  high, compared to the normal home. But still. I went for it and he took it like a champion.  Farrow & Ball Cinder Rose can actually look a little muted and earthy against pale grey and wood floors.

In the next room, a bedroom,  I used Sanderson – Chasm. It ties in beautifully with the wall colour, which is F&B Peignor. And in the. dining room, a classic navy blue, (Little Green Paint Company, Basalt).  The simple elegance of the navy brings the palette of the whole room together.  It adds an element that wasn’t there with a white radiator.

I have to admit to having a touch of blind faith when I started out on this project. I had strong feelings the colours would work, but with many aspects of design, you never really know til you try. These ones are working so well – it makes me wonder, how long before I start doing all the baseboards, door frames and doors….


Colour Block Bedroom Hero.jpg

Colour Block Navy Blue Radiator

Design Tips:

  • Plan your palette wisely, think about what else you have in the room and how a  splash of colour can tie these things together.
  • Make sure you choose good quality paint and prepare to do at least 3 coats. (I’m still finessing the last touches)
  • Try to use colors that have longevity, and that you won’t tire of in a matter of weeks.
  • Remember, it’s only paint.
  • Be bold, have fun.

Photo and styling credits. Emily Rickard

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