Which (colour) Way To Go?

The myths about colour and how to bust them wide open.

Many of my clients find colour to be one of the most overwhelming of all things in the design process. White, grey and beige is the tone most feel at ease with, thinking it’s a ‘safe’ bet. What they don’t realise is that huge mistakes can also be made with these colour choices too, and what is a supposed safe bet in the beginning of a colour choice process, can end up also producing some of the worst home makeover disasters that still have to be corrected after only a short time. That much needed ‘shoulder drop’ can be easily achieved when you walk through the door by making the right choices, and taking the time to do so. 

Choosing a colour palette for a calm, inviting environment is what it is about for many at the moment. At home or at work, which for many is still at home – is where we need to feel nurtured, safe and in an environment where we can really relax. Creating a clutter free space in warm, calm tones can enable a total mood overhaul for many.

Image Credit Inigo

Earthy tones may evoke a sense of relaxation and warmth, and to the surprise of many, use of darker blues and blacks can also add a sense of grounding to a space. It’s a myth really that painting a room dark will make it feel either smaller or more depressing. In my opinion it’s quite the opposite. I like the feeling of cosiness and grounding that a darker room can offer. 

A dark and moody living room. Credit Emily Rickard Design, Kenton Simons Photography

Equally important is the myth that reds or purples might create too much stimulation. In many cases, simply picking the correct tone for the room and for you is what is important.  I’ve always shied away from reds and purples historically, I do however have quite a penchant for the more coral reds and the more grey purples.. They really can be quite inspiring in the right setting.  Heading into 2022, I think we are set to see more of both. 

Image credit Atelier Ellis

There is a simple system I use, in working with found objects and items all around us that can inspire the most pleasing palettes and help to choose colours that are really meant to be together as you find them in all of nature’s little moments. Keep following and reading for more on this subject later in the year. 

The bottom line is all colour myths can be debunked if you have strong feelings about what you like. The only design rules I like to really truly follow religiously, is that there aren’t any. You do what makes YOU feel good for you. It’s your home. Live in it xx 

Photo credits, Oliver Perrott, Kenton Simons, for other sources see captions.

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