Wallpaper /ˈwɔːlpeɪpə/ paper that is pasted in vertical strips over the walls of a room to provide a decorative surface

Recently I did an IG live with the glorious Jamie from the renowned wallpaper brand Divine Savages. If you don’t know them, you must get to know them. Gorgeous indulgent prints and colours, and a range to suit all tastes. We discussed all things wallpaper and I’m going to give you a brief round up of it here. If you want to actually see us in action, head to the Divine Savages feed to catch up.

Wallpaper in its traditional sense, is vertical strips of pasted paper, that covers walls. So yes, the online dictionary is not wrong. But Jamie and I discussed in great detail how you can think outside the box now, and go crazy on how, where and why we use wallpaper in 2021.

Don’t just stop at the walls…

Why only paper walls when you can paper the ceiling? I’ve recently popped my wallpaper ceiling cherry with Divine Savages Deco Martini in a project, and I don’t intend to stop there. The ‘fifth’ wall is often painted white, or forgotten. But if you think of the ceiling as somewhere to add drama then go for it. You might also look at it as a safety net where wallpapering all the walls might be too bold.

Bathrooms, steamy shower rooms…why not?

Wallpaper in bathrooms is something I’m not at all phased by. The general fear is that it will bubble, peel and not work. Hell no. Three coats of decorators varnish and you are good to go. I promise. You could line your shower with it if you sealed it properly.

Mixing patterns in the same room

If this is done well, it’s a total winner. Jamie hinted that there may be a few new products on the horizon specifically designed to work in a room together. Don’t just think one strip then another. You could contrast the ceiling with the walls, or have a contrast above and below a dado. Be mindful that the colours and prints complement each other and don’t just completely clash.

Why wallpaper has had such a mammoth comeback?

This was such an interesting thing to chat about. The world has changed, we have all changed. The way we live in and respond to our homes have changed. No longer able to visit boutique hotels or luxury restaurants, where you would ordinarily expect to find bold prints and big design statements, we are now searching for and creating that ‘wow’ factor within our own walls. And why not? It’s fabulous. We make our own inspiring schemes and palettes to enjoy at home.

Where to go utterly crazy?

The downstairs loo. The powder room. The WC. It’s often small space, where you can let your inner designer go wild and it doesn’t affect your scheme or sense of calm (if that is what you are going for) in the rest of the house.

Arte Mooi, Extinct Animals, in a WC Photo Oliver Perrott

Go forth, and paper!

Em x

Title image – Divine Savages, Crane Fonda

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