Love The Home You’re In – The Ultimate Lockdown Revamp.

Lockdown changed life for everyone. The major difference for many people was spending literally ALL of their time inside their own homes.  Looking at the tasks they had always put off, the cracks in the ceilings, the unfixed shelves, the half finished paint jobs.

It shouldn’t matter whether you own or rent your home, loving the surroundings you are in is the most important thing – to love it now.  Bristol artist and singer, Emma Everett showed me JUST how she obtained the home of her dreams during lockdown, with the simple use of paint, in a house which she had already called home for 12 years. A three storey Georgian terrace in the heart of Bristol’s bohemian district, Montpelier, is the home of many people’s dreams and this one… it IS dreamy.

When Emma first moved in, she painted the living room brown, to “show off the art” and painted the bathroom, then left it at that. She didn’t want to originally invest too much in a home that she didn’t own, but also that she may have fallen in love with too much, and then have to leave. This is, understandably, a common mistake many renters make, in thinking they can’t make it their own. Emma told me, “when lockdown began, this was the chance to realise my interiors dream – even in the smallest sense”.

emma living 2
The brown living room, which still exists, provides a cosy family nook whilst highlighting Emma’s mothers art.

Her otherwise busy life as a working Mum was suddenly changed in March and she really started to look at the house with new eyes. “It all began, she says ” with one tub of picture gallery red ” This was where she started, in the hallway. “There is an anticipation with waiting for the order to arrive, that first thrill of popping the lid off the tin” explains Emma. “To the feeling of utter dread with the first coat, and worrying you’ve gone too bold.. and then pure joy, when the last coat goes on and you realise how much you love it”.

Emma had intended to only paint halfway up the hallway, and then stop – but once she got the bug, she couldn’t.

Emma hallway
Emma talking me through her glorious hallway art

Emma carried on all the way up through the hallway, adding Mole’s Breath under the dado rail. Then there was no stopping her. Not only did she suddenly have time to do this, she also found it so satisfying, ‘kind of like a therapy”.

The bathroom is a combination of Down Pipe,  Pigeon and All White. It’s such a serene space, with cleverly paired colours, you barely remember you are in Bristol let alone a rented home. The minimal fuss, small storage baskets and carefully folded towels are so well thought out.


The master bedroom also received a full paint job – adding paint not only onto the walls and woodwork but on furniture too. Again, the art is central to the overall look of the room and it really showcases Emma’s vibe.

Purbeck Stone creates a calm sleeping haven.
A favourite corner… the painting by Emma’s Mum, the screen an 18th birthday present, and the newly painted blanket box to tie all the pieces together.


Emma’s painting revamp was organic, it unfolded naturally  – she didn’t mean it to go quite as far as it did, but she enjoyed the journey and process, and is thrilled with the end result.  This is such a lesson in the simple use of one thing, paint –  to totally transform your home. None of us should settle, and live in the ‘just for now’ mindset. Love the space in which you live… today. If you have a rental – go on and pimp it!

Thank you Emma, Julian, Olive and Lily for sharing your home tour with us. xo All of Emma’s paint colours were ordered online, during lockdown, from Farrow & Ball.

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