Living With Colour – Conquering The Fear

One the of the questions I’m most often asked as a stylist and designer is about colour.

It’s a huge fear for many and the lingering trend of ‘fifty shades of grey’ is a hard slump to get out of. Grey makes everyone feel like they’ve made a safe choice that will never go out of style. I’m not knocking grey, I do enjoy a bit of grey myself from time to time. But it’s the safe ‘mid’ tone grey that I can’t seem to get my head around. Being too safe can often leave a space feeling a bit soulless and neither here nor there.  If you are going to go down the grey road, have a think about all the dustier and moodier greys that are out there.. some even have a lilac or brown undertone that can look very pretty. Benjamin Moore Calm, Farrow & Ball Cornforth White and F&B Ammonite all have undertones that create a calm and mellowing mood in a room.

Opposed to the softer tones, being bold with colour can also create a variety of moods in your home. Deep dark dining and living rooms create a sense of grandeur and cosiness and can make a fantastic visual impact. Blues and greens add an elegance you might not find with other colours and neutrals.  Go on.. take the leap. It’s only paint after all. I’m a huge fan of Hague Blue (F&B) and Obsidian Green (Little Greene Paint Co.).

With the recent new launch of Farrow & Ball’s nine new colours, it feels a timely moment to celebrate colour and get involved for 2019. I actually love this Australian colour forecast for next year, it really resonates with me.. it covers each area I’ve discussed.. soft neutrals, a little colour… a pop of bold and a little more. Can’t wait to see all this roll out.

My two new faves from this year are School House White (a neutral yes, but oh so delicious) and Rangwali –  a pink I’m just DYING to use!!! This pink packs a punch and it is not for the faint hearted. If I don’t have at least one element of Rangwali in my home before the end of the year I’ll eat my hat. (This post was supposed to go up weeks ago.. but life got in the way – now I’ve got less than a week to get a bit of Rangwali up!)


So for 2018.. it’s over and out. Hopefully I’ll be less busy with the craziness of life and travel and have a little more time to post here. Watch this space and both my instagram accounts to see if the Rangwali makes it up. Here’s hoping.  And remember, when it comes to colour, go big or go home. You can always re – paint… (you won’t want to though.. I’m sure of it).  Happy New Year.. until 2019.


Photo credits.. James Merrell, Anthea Williamson, Emily Rickard.


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